★★★★★ "I gave this as a gift to my Mom because she was having difficulty remembering what day it was. Now she won't stop thanking me!!!" - Kelly S

The HiClear Dementia Clock™ - *FREE Shipping*

The HiClear Clock is the first ever Digital Calendar Clock designed for those battling memory loss and impaired vision. *1-Year Manufacturers Warranty included

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The HiClear Clock is a Digital Calendar Day Clock that eliminates all confusion and frustration about the date and time.

There are few things worse than watching someone you love and witnessing day-by-day the slow decline in their mental state.  These loved ones who you may have known all your life and share so many wonderful memories with, sometimes, may not remember you at all.  This does not change the fact that they care for and love you dearly. 

Those at HiClear have all been touched by the pain of having a loved one with a declining memory condition where confusion and frustration is the norm.  We have seen them with a damaged sense of pride because something as simple as providing the current day of the week has become what seems like an impossible feat.  

In today's hectic world it's easy to forget all the things they have done for you throughout your life.  However, when you do remember, it can be hard to find ways to give back that make a meaningful difference.  That is why at HiClear we decided to create a gift that keeps on giving. That is the gift of clarity and the sense of time.

The first clock designed for those battling memory loss or impaired vision.

Most digital clocks just display the time and maybe some abbreviated version of the date. This can be quite confusing to those who have ongoing lapses in memory.  The HiClear team has taken their personal experience with loved ones suffering from conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer's disease, as well as feedback from caregivers to come up with features that eliminate confusion.  

Make a difference in your loved ones life

The HiClear Clock reduces stress and anxiety by displaying the day of the week, date, and time in an easy to read format.  Eliminate the frustration and confusion that comes with losing the sense of time  Your loved ones will undoubtedly be grateful for you, because it is you who have given them clarity in a time of constant obscurity. 


Our clock is designed to remain connected to the power supply at all times, but a battery backup maintains the correct day, time and date if it is unplugged. Everything (including Leap Years) changes automatically with the exception of Daylight Savings which must be manually adjusted.

Dimensions: Our clock measures 8.55” (wide) by 6.75” (high) by 0.9” (deep), and features an 8” (diagonal) LED screen. Day letters are 1″, Time numbers are 1 7/16″, Date letters & numbers are 3/8″

Language Mode:  Set to display English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish or Welsh.  Period of Day in English Only.

Clock Mode:  12- or 24-hour

Date Mode:  Month-Date-Year or Date-Month-Year